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Jerk Chicken with Black Eyed Bean Rice and Sweet Corn

Jerk Chicken with Black Eyed Bean Rice and Sweet Corn

Serves 8 (half the recipe for x 4 serving)

Time: 45 minutes


Jerk Chicken

· 2 kg boneless chicken thighs (trim excess fat)

· X 16 spring onions (chopped)

· X 2 cinnamon sticks

· X 4 scotch bonnet (seeds included if you like it spicy)

· X 2 tbsp fresh thyme finely (pull the leaves from the stalks)

· X 3 lime juice

· X 6 cloves garlic (peeled and grated)

· X 2 thumb size piece of ginger (peeled and grated)

· X 2 tbsp ground allspice

· X 2 tbsp brown sugar

· X 2 tbsp olive oil

· X 6 tbsp reggae reggae sauce

· Salt / pepper

Black Eyed Bean Rice:

· 500g brown basmati rice

· 350g (drained weight) black-eyed beans

· X 1/2 lime juice

· X 1 tsp honey

Sweet Corn:

· X 2 full sweet corns

Special Equipment:

· Blender


The night before:

· Combine the spring onions, cinnamon sticks, scotch bonnets, thyme, lime juice, garlic cloves, ginger, all spice, brown sugar, olive oil, reggae reggae sauce and salt/pepper into a blender and blend. Add the jerk marinade to the chicken thighs and leave overnight in the fridge.

45 minutes to go:

· Switch on your grill and let it heat up ready for the jerk chicken. Lay the marinated chicken out on a couple of oven trays ensuring these is plenty of space between the chicken

· Fill your kettle and boil water

30 minutes to go:

· Place the chicken under the grill. Turn after 10 minutes and continue until chicken is cooked through (approx. 20 mins).

· Cut the whole sweet corns into 4 equal sections. Place a frying pan on a high heat and add a splash of oil. Once hot add the sweet corn and constantly turn for 20 minutes.

· Add the rice to a pot of boiling water and cook through as per package instructions. 5 minutes before the rice has cooked through, drain the black-eyed beans and add to the rice. Cook through and then drain off any excess water. Add the lime juice and splash of honey and mix.

Serve the chicken, rice, and sweet corn with a garnish of spring onions and extra thyme!

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